Inside the Terminal

Inside the Terminal

Night Shot From Departures Area

Night Photo from Departures Area

Departures Area Photo

Taken From Departures Area


Location 11

Inside Departures Area


Access and Transport
This is in the airside area after passing through security and immgration, so available to departing passengers only

Type of action
Aircraft at their gates

Aircraft Taxiing

Camera Equipment
As desired

Light conditions
Depends on the side of the terminal you are photographing from

Inside Terminal

Very comfortable and convenient, and plenty of photo opportunities available


Photos will have to be taken through glass.  Reflections are bad.  It’s a good idea to stand behind a pillar to take photos as this reduces the reflections.  You may also consider a flexible lens hood or some other device (e.g. black cloth/coat) which can help block off the unwanted light.


It is a long walk to go from one end of the terminal to the other.  Although there is a shuttle train inside the terminal, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get back to your boarding gate! I suggest allowing yourself a minimum of 3 hours before boarding your flight so that you can at least walk around the entire terminal once. If you have access to one of the premium lounges, allow yourself extra time to use them – they are all very nice and offer a great environment for you to take a break while still being able to watch planes taxi past (although you will not be able to take any photos)

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Cathay Pacific 25L Departure Night Shot From Departures Area