Terminal Overview

Terminal Overview

Tung Chung

View of the town of Tung Chung, located next to the airport




There are excellent transport facilities at the Airport. More information is available from the Airport's Transport Website

Most forms of public transport accept the Octopus stored value card, which would be a wise investment. The are available at Airport Express and MTR customer service desks. When leaving Hong Kong the remaining value can be cashed out.

1.  Airport Express train

This is the fastest way from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  The Airport Express runs from inside the Airport terminal to Hong Kong Station.  The journey takes only 23 minutes, and has two stops on the way: Tsing Yi and Kowloon. The Hong Kong Station (On Hong Kong Island) offers check in facilities.  

A same day return is approximately HK$100 (US$12.8).  For further information, please go to the MTR Website

2. MTR

The MTR is Hong Kong’s version of the tube/underground/subway. The MTR is fast, clean, cool and extremely reliable. The entire journey takes just over half an hour. The MTR line ends at Tung Chung, which is the town next to the Airport on Lantau Island. This is not a bad thing, as you may want to use Tung Chung as a ‘hub’ for you to get around different parts of the Airport. You will need to take buses from the Tung Chung bus terminus (follow the signs - it’s a big covered terminus you can’t miss) to the Airport. The price of a single journey on the MTR is about HK$25 (US$3) and the bus to the Airport is about $4 (US$0.5). More info about routes on the MTR Website

You can also buy food/drinks etc at the shopping mall in Tung Chung which has a supermarket and many shops. There are toilets at the basement level.

3. Buses

A number of buses go to the Airport, in particular, there are a number of Airport buses which go direct to the terminal building.  However, they are not as efficient as the MTR.  Journey time can be over 1 hour for buses going to/from Hong Kong Island.  You may also wish to take a bus to Tung Chung, and then connect on to another bus which takes you to the Airport as mentioned above. For more information on bus services visit the Airport Bus Guide

4. Taxi

The Airport is quite far from the city centre and so a taxi will cost you about $350 from Central (i.e. the business district on Hong Kong Island). The Airport Express train service is usually a better option. Taxis in Hong Kong have different coloured roofs, indicating their allowable destinations. There is a good guide at the bottom of the ramp in Terminal 2 near the taxi ramp indicating which taxi to get, and approximate fares.

5. Car

There is ample parking in the 4 car parks at the airport. Another option is to park at the Tung Chung Citigate Mall, and take the bus to your location from there. More info on bus routes is provided in the individual location guides.  

Hong Kong Airport Parking Guide

When discussing transport to locations, reference is made to the Airport Express/MTR and Bus Services, as these are the most likely forms of transport you will be taking.


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