Thai Airways 777

25R Arrival - 100mm

China Airlines 747

25R Arrival - 100mm


Location 3

Area around Cheong Wing Rd/Airport Authority Building


Access and Transport
Airport Express - Once in the terminal building, go to the Terminal 1 arrivals level, and walk along the walkway to the Airport Hotel.  Once you get into the hotel, there’s an escalator going down.  This takes you to the entrance on the other side of the hotel.  Go out, cross the road and turn right.  Then turn left into the first street on the left;


MTR to Tung Chung - then change to bus S1 to the Airport terminal building. However, do not actually get off at the terminal but get off two stops after the terminal, i.e. just in front of the Airport Hotel.  Continue walking along that road and turn left into the first street on the left. 

Here you can find a spot to watch 25R arrivals.  The signs say that it is Airport Authority property but no one seems to care. There is often construction work around this area, but it should be possible to find a spot to watch planes landing

Type of action
25R Arrivals

25L Arrivals (usually cargo) (in the distance)
Camera Equipment
25R Arrivals:  75mm up

25L Arrivals: Too far

Light conditions
Summer: Only good in the morning

Winter: Good

Not much

Relatively close to arriving planes

25R arrivals are frequent

Airport /Airport Hotel toilets, shops and restaurants are within a 5 min walk

Fences can get in the way

Cannot see any departures

This location is likely to be closed in the near future

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Thai Airways 777 - 25R Arrival China Airlines 747 - 25R Arrival