07L Arrival - 300mm

Thai Airways

25L Departure - 300mm

Location 4

Overview of Location 4


Location 4

Outside Aircraft Maintenance Area


Access and Transport
MTR to Tung Chung, then take the S52 bus to the Aircraft Maintenance Area.  Please note that you must take the S52 which says ‘Aircraft Maintenance Area’ on the front and not anything else, otherwise you will end up at the wrong place.  The correct S52 will go all the way to the HAECO aircraft hangers and this is where you should get off (it’s the terminus, so the bus will stop there for a couple of minutes before returning). Spot 4 is then only about a 1 minute walk away;


if you are in the terminal or if you have taken the Airport Express there, you need to take a bus to Tung Chung first as there is no direct bus from the terminal to spot 4.  Take the S1 to Tung Chung.  Then change to the S52.  The instructions are then the same as above

Type of action
07L Arrivals

07R Arrivals (usually cargo) (in the distance)

25L Departures

07R Departures (through fence)

Camera Equipment
07L Arrivals: 300mm +

07R Arrivals: 400mm +

25L Departures: 300mm +

Light conditions
Summer: Only good in the morning

Winter: Good

None at all. Can be extremely hot during the summer

Movements on a number of runways can be seen

Good for low and heavy departures

No toilets, shops or restraunts available at all.

Rescue/Fire Boats can get in the way of 07L Arrivals photography

Not particulally close to the aircraft


NOTE: If you do use this spot, plenty of water and sunblock are essential as it can get very hot during the day, with no shade or facilities available

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