Cathay Pacific 07R Departure

07R Departure - 400mm

Location 8 Overview

Location 8 Overview


Location 8

Field Next To Dragonair House


Access and Transport
MTR to Tung Chung, then change to bus S1 which goes to the Airport terminal building. This bus will stop by Dragonair House before going to the terminal.  This is a very obvious stop as Dragonair House is very much a stand-alone building and is clearly marked.  The field is quite large and you can walk around to find a suitable spot; or

If you are coming from the Airport Terminal Building, take the S1 from the Terminal which goes to Tung Chung.  It will also stop by Dragonair House before going to Tung Chung

Note: There is only 1 bus stop here and so buses in both directions stop at the same place.  Be sure to check the destination of the bus before boarding

Type of action
07R Departures

25L Arrivals (usually cargo)

Camera Equipment
25L Arrivals: 250mm+

07R Departures: 250mm+

Light conditions
The Field is quite large, and so you are able to move around to suit the light conditions. This field is directly under the approach for 25L.

None at all. Can be extremely hot during the summer

Clear, unobstructed view of the aircraft

Good for low and heavy departures

Despite there being no shelter here, there is often a strong breeze

No toilets, shops or restraunts available at all

Depending on the season, the field could be muddy and overgrown with weeds/shrubs

Reg spotters may find the aircraft departing 07R are too high to easily read the reg

07R Arrivials are infrequent (Sometimes 1 per hour or less - Check the Schedules. Sometimes the few cargo arrivals (for 07R) will land on 07L)


NOTE: If you do use this spot, plenty of water and sunblock are essential as it can get very hot during the day, with no shade or facilities available

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