Boeing 777 Taxiing for 07R Departure

Taxiing to 07R - 400mm

China Airlines 07R Departure

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Location 9

Sha Lo Wan


Access and Transport

This one is for the more adventurous!

Sha Lo Wan is the bay on the island opposite from the airport. Transport to this spot is very inconvenient, but broadly, there are two ferries you can take:

Scheduled ferry

This service is operated by Fortune Ferry (tel: 2994 8155). It departs from Tung Chung New Development Pier and arrives at the main pier at Sha Lo Wan. The ferry service is infrequent and often unreliable.  There is a walk of about 30 minutes to reach the spot.

Unscheduled ferry

This is an informal service operated by the villagers living in Sha Lo Wan. To book a ferry (you just need to call 15 minutes in advance), call the operator of the service on their mobile phone at tel: 9190 0298. However, they only speak Cantonese and it will be nearly impossible to communicate with them if you don't speak the language, or have someone with you that can do the calling. Assuming you do, ask them to pick you up from the unofficial 'pier' next to the China Light and Power sub-station. Tell them you're going to the small pier at Sha Lo Wan. They charge on a per-person basis and prices can vary, so do agree a price before the journey.  On your return journey, again call them about 15 minutes before you plan to return to Tung Chung. Please note that this is an unofficial service, the operator is not insured and is only allowed to take 3 passengers at a time.

This map provides directions to walk from Tung Chung MTR station to the unofficial pier. Follow the red line; the dotted part is a tunnel.

Walking up to the spot

There are a few places from which you can spot from.

To get to the first spot, walk along the path leading away from the pier. After just about 1 minute, there is a path which is to your right which leads up the hill. Walk to the end of the path and there is a decent spot there, although depending on the season, the branches/shrubs there may obstruct the view a bit.

The second spot is actually just above the first spot. When walking up the path up the hill, you will see a track that leads further up the hill on your left. The track is not well-defined and you will have to walk among the bushes. Generally, the further up you go, the better the view. There is a spot about 2 minutes up which is relatively flat, but the walk there is not easy!

Type of action
07R Departures

07R Arrivals (usually cargo)

07L Arrivals (in the distance)

25L Arrivals (usually cargo)

25L Departures

25R Arrivals (in the distance)

Camera Equipment

Light conditions
Summer: Only good in the morning

Winter: Good

Depending where you stand there are some trees and shrubs to provide some shelter, however the sun can be very strong at times.

You can see action on all the runways, and the elevated position of all the spots provides a panoramic view of the entire airport

No obstructions from the view apart from a few branches and shrubs here and there

No toilets, shops or restraunts available at all (although there are plenty of bushes!)

Difficult access

Reg spotters will find the aircraft using 25R/07L are too far to be read


NOTE: If you do use this spot, plenty of water and sunblock are essential as it can get very hot during the day, with no shade or facilities available

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Boeing 777 Taxiing for 07R Departure China Airlines 07R Departure